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Most comonnly coded options:

  • Turn signal on lock/unlock
  • Accoustic signal on lock/unlock (alarm required)
  • Lock all doors on drive away
  • Unlock only driver door
  • Digital speed on BC
  • Skip or remove AM on radio mode
  • Disable legal notice and disclaimers
  • Eject smart key on holding start button
  • Disable automatic headlight cleaning
  • Fog lights on high beam
  • Removing weatherband on non supported country
  • Welcome lights option in the menu
  • Change incomming call ringtone
  • Change PDC vertical/horizontal
  • Change daytime running lights brightness on low beam
  • Set fog lights as daytime running lights
  • Automatic re-lock on unlocking if no door has been opened in 2min
  • Comfort opening on all windows and roof
  • Comfort closing on all windows and roof
  • Easy entry (memory seats)
  • Passenger mirror tilt on reverse
  • Autmatic mirror folding from the remote key
  • Automatic daytime running lights
  • Flash with bi-xenon
  • Follow me home lights
  • Activation of follow me home lights from remote key
  • Welcome lights (on LCI lights)
  • US sidemark lights
  • Sport emergency lights(turn signal double flash)
  • Heating control memory
  • Clima control automatic turn on on engine start
  • Clima control ventilation on engine start
  • Manually turn on additional heater
  • Language change
  • Language add
  • Change units km/mls
  • Region change( US to European )
  • Add MP3 support
  • Add AUX option
  • Coding CD/DVD changer
  • Coding TV
  • Control seat heating from the screen(individual heating options)
  • Control seat ventilation from the screen
  • Clima control individual settings
  • Heating control individual settings
  • Video in Motion
  • M HUD
  • Turn signals in HUD
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