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Applicable Models

  • 2010 – 2016 F10 Sedan
  • 2010 – 2016 F11 Touring
  • 2010 – 2017 F07 GT
  • 2011 – 2016 F10 M5 Sedan

Comfort and Convenience Features

  • Fold Mirrors with Comfort Access or Key Fob
  • Windows to Open and Close with Comfort Access or Key Fob
  • Unlock Doors when Engine is turned off
  • Turn off Radio/Navigation when Engine is off and Driver’s Door is opened
  • Increase Heated Seats Temperature
  • Enable Windows to Close when Doors are Open
  • Enable Power Trunk to be Closed with Key Fob/Footwell switch (If Equipped)
  • Enable Easy Entry/Exit Driver’s Seat
  • Enable Remember A/C Compressor Off Mode
  • Disable A/C when selecting Automatic Mode

Safety Features

  • Change Active Blind Spot Warning speed to 20 km/h (From 50 km/h – 2014 and newer)
  • Change Lane Departure Warning speed to 40km/h or 55 km/h (From 70 km/h – 2014 and newer)
  • Change Speed Limit Info Sign to ECE (Circle with Red Outline)
  • Enable Road Edge Detection for Lane Departure Warning
  • Enable Speed Limiter Function (LIM)
  • Enable Rear Camera Zoom
  • Enable Sideview Cameras at all speeds
  • Tire Pressure and Temperature Displays (For vehicles equipped with TPMS)
  • Turn off Seat Belt Reminder for Driver/Passenger

Instrument Cluster and Head Up Display (HUD) Features

  • Digital Speedometer
  • Enable Auto Start/Stop Indicator (2012 Vehicles)
  • Display M Performance Logo
  • Enable Turn Signals in Head Up Display (6WA Extended Instrument Cluster Only)
  • Enable Lane Departure Warning Lines in Head Up Display (6WA Extended Instrument Cluster Only)
  • Enable Compass (Model and Year Dependent)
  • Enable Entertainment/Telephone List in Head Up Display
  • Change Language Display to Chinese/Japanese/Korean, to Show Characters in Instrument Cluster

Lighting Features

  • Turn off Amber Side Marker on Headlights
  • Enable Fog Lights as Welcome Lights
  • EU Two-Stage Brake Lamp Operation (Flashing on Emergency Braking)
  • Enable Variable Light Distribution (Adaptive Headlamps required)
  • Enable Fog Lights and High Beams to be used at the same time
  • Taillights as DRL
  • Enable Toggle for DRL On/Off
  • Separate Ambient Lighting and General Lighting controls
  • Enable Rear Fog Lamps (New Light Switch Req’d)
  • Disable Bulb Checks when Bulbs Replaced with LEDs (Reverse Lights & Fog Lights)

iDrive/Infotainment Features

  • Remove Start-up and Camera Legal Disclaimers
  • Change Start-up Logo to M Logo (For vehicles equipped with NBT Systems and newer)
  • Change Warning Chimes/PDC Sounds to BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce/BMW i
  • Enable Xvid, OCG, and Xvcd Format Codecs for USB Video
  • Enable Video in Motion for DVD/USB Playback
  • Remove Speedlock Restriction for Mobile Office and User Manuals
  • Enable Route Simulation Mode (For vehicles equipped with NBT systems)
  • Enable TMC Traffic Info on Canadian vehicles to use in the US (For vehicles equipped with CIC systems)
  • Enable B&O DSP Setting (Harmon Kardon Systems with Logic 7 only)
  • Enable Weatherband (CIC Equipped Vehicles only)

For MY2013 Vehicles Equipped with NBT

  • Enable Volume Pop-Up Bar
  • Enable Siri Eyes-Free
  • Enable Android BMW Apps Support

Enhanced Bluetooth Coding

  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Allows you to connect a compatible smartphone to the armrest for media playback
  • Enable USB Music Interface (Search by Artist/Album)
  • Enable album art covers if your vehicle was not equipped with navigation
  • Allows you to connect a compatible smartphone to the armrest for media playback
  • Mobile Office
  • iOS – View Received Text Messages
  • Android – View and Reply to Text Message Conversations & Emails
  • Allow up to two phones to be paired to the iDrive system

Drivetrain Features

  • Configurable Sport Mode (Chassis/Drivetrain)
  • Enable Sport+ Mode
  • Enable Sport Automatic Transmission (2TB)
  • Enable Launch Control
  • Start car in Eco Pro Driving Mode
  • Auto Start/Stop System – Remember Last User Setting/Memory

M Model Specific Drivetrain Features

  • Enable Euro MDM

Retrofit Coding

  • Paddle Shifter Retrofit
  • OEM Adaptive LED Headlight Retrofit
  • EDC Coding Delete for Vehicles with Coil-Overs Fitted
  • NBT Touch Controller Retrofit
  • Change Radio Bands to Euro for US CIC/NBT Retrofits
  • Change Map Region to Europe for NBT Retrofit
  • Automatic High Beam Assistant (FLA or KAFAS Camera Required)
  • Speed Limit Info (SLI) Emulator Retrofit
  • 6WA and 6WB Instrument Cluster Retrofit
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