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BMWCoding.BG Remote Installer is compatible with NBT Evo ID5 and ID6 any hardware and software version.
With our remote installer you can:
The remote installer required activation codes in order to do specific tasks. These codes are provided by us on a specified price depending on what task is required.
It support all hardware and software versions of the headunit.

  • Enable retrofit NBT Evo
  • Activation NBT Evo for any VIN
  • Activate Apple Carplay
  • Activate Apple Carplay full screen
  • Activate SSH
  • Activate Video in Motion
  • Clear existing SWT
  • Clear existing FSCs
  • Change region from any to any
  • Install single or lifetime map FSC

To use our software you need a PC with online connection and ENET cable.

How to use:

  1. Switch ignition on and connect ENET cable to the car and PC
  2. Start our software
  3. Click on "Find Vehicle" and see if VIN is detected
  4. Click "Identify" and see if HU is detected
  5. Click "Start" and wait until finished.

Download: Here
Enabling Code: Here